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Music Promotion, Radio Airplay & Spotify Playlists

Best Music Promotion Services

With regard to music marketing, we pledge to provide measurable and REAL outcomes using cutting-edge marketing strategies. Campaigns start approximately at Just Rs.9,999 and include social media marketing, online streaming, Spotify, etc.

We being the best online music promotion agency in Chandigarh has the best in-town team. Our crew has experience because they have worked with top-tier corporations, Music Companies, Famous Singers, television, and Press Release around the world. Give us the opportunity to speed up your marketing and promote growth and actual fan involvement.

Best Music Promotion Services

Song Promotion

By collaborating with independent Spotify music Creators all over the world, we assist in getting your music recognized and expanding your audience. Our strategy is customised to each artist, with each campaign being meticulously planned to maximise your results and ensure success.

Utilise our extensive network of influencers and tastemakers, which has been developed over more than ten years.

We are a reputable source and an official Google & Insta Reels partner, working with editorial and independent Creators on Instagram to get your music played.

  • Instagram promotion includes pitching playlists to specific Creators, stream optimization, and organic increase in followers and listeners.
  • Using in-depth keyword targeting for assured organic views, we promote music videos primarily on YouTube and social media. This increases traffic to your video's destination.
  • In addition to Spotify, we can assist with the promotion of Apple Songs, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud music to increase streams and interaction.

Therefore, if you are seeking the best song promotion company for affordable rates, your search query ends with us.

Best Music Promotion Services

Music Promotion

You must continually expand your fan base and build your musical identity. You are the expert in music creation, and we are the specialists in promoting your music and advancing your musical career. Our music promotion services team is fully knowledgeable in music marketing and can assist you in reaching the appropriate audiences.

As a top music distributor, we recognize the value of connecting with the appropriate target market. We want your music to be heard around the world, but we recognize that not all musicians have the contacts or know-how necessary to achieve that goal. You will have access to free music promotion services as part of our distribution service, and we'll help you strengthen your online profile.

Music Promotion Agency

Video Promotion

We are a recognized Google partner. The simplicity of usage is our standout quality. To start promoting videos using the service, you don't need to be a genius. The main advantage of the solution is that you can combine it with Google Ads, paste a link to your YouTube video or channel, and quickly gain views, comments, and subscribers. The service solely uses official tools and advertisements.

Nevertheless, you may anticipate outcomes that are at least twice as good as those of its rivals thanks to the sophisticated machine learning algorithms and inbuilt tools. Because of this, the solution continues to acquire popularity as the top YouTube trending video promotion company. The tool enables you to set and modify your weekly budget, define specifics about your target market, track the development of your video advertising, weed out low-quality views, etc.

Video Promotion Company

Instagram Reel Promotion

We always love assisting businesses with creating content for social media and marketing campaigns using their goods, services, and every aspect of their operations. Let us introduce you to the world of Instagram Reels as you begin to learn about new strategies for reaching your target audience. With our Instagram Reels marketing service package, enlist the assistance of the team to begin producing your very own clips!

You can count on us as the best social media marketing agency in Punjab. Through our Instagram Reels marketing, you can artistically and successfully convey any message. This is a fantastic strategy to use if you want to broaden your reach and attract more potential customers or customers for your business. It's also a terrific approach to producing more authentic and visible material.

Reel Promotion Services

Music Distribution Services

As the Time Changes Instead of transporting albums to a physical store, We will distribute your music in digital format. The music is sent to online music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Gaana and Amazon. It is then our job to ensure that Earnings/royalties for the use of the music is passed back to you as you have your music rights.

With us at Mad For Ad, we accept all musicians and labels as they provide music in a standard format that is acceptable by the stores. We then distribute their music to over 200+ download, streaming, mobile and radio platforms in 180+ countries. Additionally, we can help you get caller tunes as well.

We work with editorial and creators on all the popular online music streaming platforms to get your music played because we are a dependable source and we do partner with these platforms as well.

Music Distribution Services

Production Services

By using our music production service, you may realise your original creative ideas, create a song online, and get the online arrangement for any song you have in mind from a music producer.

The most talented musicians will record the instrumental sections for your song, regardless of its complexity or style, and in accordance with your tastes and ideas. You'll develop into a highly effective artist working with us. We want you to be successful.

Not only this, we do video production for you as well. It might seem impossible to incorporate high-quality, professional videos into your marketing plan, but it's not. Working with our music marketing team has many benefits, including access to our many internal specialists, which include video experts. Our video production services department has the tools and know-how required to efficiently script, shoot, edit, produce, and distribute your video in a way that supports and aligns with your marketing objectives.

Production Serivces Providers

Business Lead Generation

Lead generation and music marketing are our areas of expertise, which holistically encompass the full sales process. We are pleased to work with companies that want to reach more customers or find opportunities in both current and new geographies. In addition to our B2B relationship-focused services, we provide our clients with the best music and youtube promotion services in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Punjab.

We carefully design comprehensive solutions with a healthy balance of inbound and outbound marketing tools, all tailored to meet your company's demands. Increased client engagement control will help you grow your B2B revenues and reach.

Business Lead Generation

Youtube Channel Monetization

We are a leading supplier of YouTube monetization services, and we can assist you in getting your videos seen by millions of people to improve your chances of launching a fruitful viral campaign. We try to brand your channel so that your YouTube videos are regarded favourably. So if you are seeking youtube views promotion in Chandigarh, you are at the right place.

As part of our YouTube channel monetization services, we offer you a range of packages that may be customised to meet your specific needs. Whether you desire more subscriptions or likes, we have you covered. To ensure you can meet the target of 4000 hours of Watchtime, we use the best monetization techniques. Our expertise being the best music promotion agency will ensure that your project and content are optimised to meet the required standards. We can understand that as beginners. You-Tuber, you may encounter numerous challenges in achieving this aim; we'll work to overcome them for you.

YouTube Monetisation

Release Management- Pay As You Grow

In order to attain stability and a better-planned strategy, we like to collaborate with labels and artists over the long term. We are devoted to assisting independent artists in their development and offering advice whenever possible.

Because we are aware that managing cash flow and scheduling releases may be challenging, we have created the "Pay As You Grow" service to help reduce some of these pressures. You can spread the expense of your music promotion services with "Pay As You Grow" by committing to a manageable monthly payment schedule (of your choosing!). Instead of trying to budget for greater sums of money all at once, per campaign, these funds are placed into a safe promotional pot for use as and when you release your songs. Planning your budget for your next releases will be possible, and our music promoters in Punjab will be available to walk you through each stage and offer you the greatest marketing advice

We have contacts with India’s Most Reputed & Famous Music Companies/Labels, We Help Your Projects to get Released on the Music Labels.

Best Promotion Services